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Sanitec Sewer & Septic Specialists provide service in all aspects of both new installations, as well as Septic and sewer Inspection and repair. In addition, The company also offers excavation services. This includes digging, grading, drainage installation, and trenching. Sanitec also provides excavation and grading for new home builds, slabs, and foundation repair.

New Septic Installation

Sanitec Sewer & Septic Specialists offer a professional and reliable septic system installation services for new, or existing homes.. Our experienced Installers and machine operators will install your new septic system quickly and efficiently, delivering superior results that will last for years. We strictly adhere to all Provincial practices and specifications, so you can be sure that your system will last. Contact us today to get started!

Tree Removal

Tree removal services involve a professional team removing a tree from a property, stump removal, and removal of logs and branches. The process also includes disposed of debris, proper cleanup, and final grading of the affected area.

Excavation Services

Excavation services typically involve the process of digging and moving earth and other materials, such as rock and soil, during construction projects. This can include land clearing, grading, trenching, demolition, and other specialized services, often requiring the use of heavy machinery. Excavators work to create a safe and efficient working environment, ensuring that the project is completed to the highest standards.

Septic Inspections

Septic system inspection is a process of evaluating the health of a septic system and its components. The inspector will check for any signs of problems or needed repairs, such as drainfield or tank issues, to ensure the system is working properly and safely. Sanitec Sewer & Septic Specialists Use both a wealth of acquired knowledge, and state of the art visual inspection tools ensuring the most reliable and accurate prognosis of any system.

Septic Replacement & Repair

A septic system repair and replacement is typically necessary when the existing septic system is no longer functioning properly. The process typically starts with an inspection and evaluation of the system to determine the cause of the issues and the scope of work. This is followed by any necessary repairs, and then the replacement of the entire system. The septic system should be replaced with a properly sized and approved system to ensure proper functionality and compliance with local regulations. The entire process typically takes several days to complete.

Sewer Line Inspection & Repair

A sewer line repair and replacement project involves the removal of the old line and the installation of a new sewer line. This may involve the use of heavy equipment such as an excavator to dig trenches for the new line to be laid in. The new line is then connected to the existing sewer system, usually using PVC piping. Finally, the area is backfilled and the repairs are completed. This type of project can be necessary to repair or replace an old or damaged sewer line in order to maintain the proper functioning of the system.

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